Volunteer Opportunities

Currently offered volunteer opportunities include the following: 

  • School Ambassador (current medical students only)
  • Medic-On-Site
  • Awareness Outreach Educator - CURRENTLY DORMANT ROLE
  • International Relations & Outreach - CURRENTLY DORMANT ROLE

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School Ambassador

Ambassadors are at the frontier of outreach as they are most connected to their school community’s demographic and most qualified to voice their school’s need. This roles allows for great skill development, networking opportunities and creativity to be expressed by the candidate. 

Role entails:

  • Sharing of the foundation’s information and resources to fellow colleagues
  • Leadership in at least one local initiative to assist their colleagues (can be in collaboration with another local medical school) 
  • Participation in collaborative effort for one international initiative with other schools (at least one other international medical school is required). 



This is a hands-on role whereby the volunteer will be appropriately trained and orientated for a given event for which a Medic-On-Site may be needed. While this role is event dependent, the opportunity to act as a Medic-On-Site will be emailed to interested volunteers and reserved on a first come, first serve basis. This role provides unique education and exposure to circumstances within our environment which, traditionally, medical students may not have the opportunity to learn from in medical school or in the hospital setting. Valid ACLS certification is required in order to participate in this role. Training orientation and recognition of completed training will be provided. 


Awareness Outreach Educator - CURRENTLY DORMANT ROLE

Since the announcement of COVID-19’s status as a pandemic, the Foundation of International Medical Graduates (IMG) has developed a volunteer position for their outreach stream (Guide to Survive Medschool Plus). This role entails the following: 

  • Your social media presence/use.
  • Communication with other volunteers on current local and international information to share.
  • An opportunity to be active within the medical community during a time of restricted means.
  • An opportunity to speak directly to your peers. 

While we recognize the importance of sharing current information and education regarding safe practices and the virus itself, it is equally important to remain as a positive, calming force within our community. We additionally encourage our volunteers to take an active role sharing other good information sources with our volunteer community. 

As we have progressed through this pandemic, our Awareness Outreach Educators are key drivers of knowledge and support for the following topics and resources: 

  • Safety Resources: Safety in Action, Safety in a Clinical Environment, Safety at Home
  • Peer Awareness: General, LGBTQ+, POC, Aboriginal Community, Immigrant Communities, People with Disabilities, Women in Our Communities, Homeless Community
  • Mental Health Resources: Sharing of Motivation/Self Care, Sharing of Opportunities, Sharing of Compassion, Sharing of Humor
  • COVID-19 Resources: Sharing of Knowledge/Science, Sharing of WHO Recommendations & Suggestions of Safety

Suggestions of resources to share from our community for our communities will be taken seriously and vetted appropriately. 


International Relations & Outreach - CURRENTLY DORMANT ROLE

As we continue to resource more PPE supplies for our hospitals in need, we have begun to reach out to manufacturers and suppliers internationally. This has created another volunteer opportunity for our international community! 

This role is a language sensitive position and thus we ask that experienced, conversational speakers of languages apply. The role of International Relations & Outreach entails:

  • Professional representation of our organization with other industries and companies within our international community.
  • Utilize your conversation skills in languages other than English.
  • Create a connection for our foundation to potentially work with other industries and companies for current and future aid initiatives.
  • Assist in translating material for the purpose of outreach and dialogue.