Community Allyship

The Foundation of IMG recognizes the importance of support for different programs within our communities. Allyship in sharing resources and information about various activities within our bi-monthly newsletter and social posts keeps our communities updated and supported.

SOCASMA's Guide for Canadians Studying Medicine Abroad


Our allies are also including our IMG network in various unique and impactful opportunities, including: 

  • Web Support volunteer: Our colleagues at the Society of Canadians Studying Medicine Abroad (SOCASMA) are inviting our IMG network to be a part of the administrative team by supporting web maintenance, development and updates. This role is remote. As this is a volunteer role, there is no stipend, however, volunteers will be given free member to SOCASMA's additional resources and events. 
  • Telemedicine Assistant role: Our colleagues at Fort York Medical Clinic have partnered with the Foundation of IMG to invite our IMG network to learn and be a part of their medical team. This role involves participation in supervised focused history taking and physical examinations as well as the opportunity to learn the Canadian medical system, including charting etiquette, patient flow and triage, with the support of their various Family Medicine physicians and staff. This role is not remote. Location: Toronto, Ontario. A stipend is provided for this role.

Please forward your medical CV and interest regarding any of the above roles to and one of our administrative members will contact you directly. 


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Please note: We DO NOT TOLERATE any form of discrimination and are consistent in this message throughout our current efforts, volunteering opportunities and social associations, including potential allyships. Our intention is so that our international members may feel safe and welcome always and regardless of world circumstances. Thank you.