Accountability Program 2023-2024

4th Annual Accountability Program (est. 2020)

October 2023-April 2024


While we understand the process to match is tough. Boards are lengthy, applications are costly and time is limited. But you have our support! Having a senior IMG give insight, perspective and encouragement along the way will help anchor you through the waves of the journey leading to your match. This program is intended to keep you up to date with changes and trends, motivated to work towards your goal in your intended timeline and, of course, keep you accountable. Guests from various residency programs across North America will be hosting this year's academic workshops!

This year we have re-designed the Accountability Program into two pathways: 

1. Medical Graduate Stream. This stream is intended for medical students and graduates who are at least 1 year away from their intended match year applications. This stream will orient candidates on developing their medical career portfolio. 

2. Applicant Ready Stream. This stream is intended for current match applicants. This stream will provide skills and tools that are catered to showcase your strength as an IMG applicant with considerations for application submission as well as interview execution. 

Both streams have a commitment of one workshop per month of approximately an hour and a half. Through this program, you will have access to our collective Physician Mentors to address any of your questions along the way! 

NOTICE: Attendance of 85%+ required for certification and graduation to next stream. This year's intake is open to select either stream, however, graduation to Applicant Ready Stream will require the completion of the Medical Graduate Stream for our 2024-2025 intake. This program is free to register and completely virtual, however, attendance is  strongly appreciated and will be recorded with each session. Individuals must be registered in order to receive certification recognition. 


While we understand the interest in this program, please additionally consider that for this academic year, our Accountability Program will be restricted to those interested in the North American Match (Canada and the United States of America).

Canadian Residency Pathway

American Residency Pathway


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