Study Sunday Recommendations

“Study, study, study, study, study, study; that’s basically what all we do in medical school it seems. With all this studying going on and all the infinite resources out there it can be a bit intimidating how to approach certain courses, so that’s why we have Study Sunday! I’ll be honest with you guys I wasn’t number 1 in my class, I was VERY far from it, but nonetheless I got through my courses and ultimately succeeded. Throughout the years from the help from my classmates and senior colleagues I found out certain platforms made studying a lot easier to tackle. So, check out my post on the Facebook group (Guide to Survive Med School Plus) on how I approached certain topics and below for all the reference materials. I also want to hear from you guys on how you approached certain subjects so I can share it to everyone else. Happy studying guys!” - Dr. Lem

    Anatomy & Physiology:

    • Clinical Oriented Anatomy By Moore
    • Atalas of Human Anatomy by Netter
    • Synopsis of Gross Anatomy by Christensen
    • Medical Physiology by Guyton and Hall
    • Physiology by Costanza
    • John West Youtube Pulmonay Physio

    Microbiology & Pathology:

    • Medical Microbiology by Jawetz, Melnick, and Adelbergs
    • Sketchy Micro
    • Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Easy
    • Basic Pathology by Robbins
    • Pathoma
    • Goljan's Pathology Audio


    • Basic and Clinical Pharmacology by Katzung
    • Sketchy Micro Pharm
    • Board and Beyond


    • Lippincott Illustrated Review: Biochemistry
    • Rapid Review Biochemistry by Goljan
    • Pixorize


    • Basic Immunology, Function, and Disorders by Abbas
    • Pixorize


    • Emery’s Elements of Medical Genetics by Turnpenny and Ellard
    • First Aid