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October 1st 2023

Welcome to Residency! 

January 4th 2023

Here's to another semester ahead!

Happy New Year!

November 15th 2022

Are your applications ready to go?

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September 20th 2022

Ready to go resources to start!

September Newsletter

August 4th 2022

Hello to the new academic year ahead!

Breaking Barriers!

April 1st 2022

Hello to the new academic year ahead!

Match has begun!

November 5th 2021

Hello to the new academic year ahead!

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August 10th 2021

Hello to the new academic year ahead!

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April 1st 2021

How was your match season?

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January 5th 2021

Welcome to the New Year! We are excited to be here to celebrate your future accomplishments!

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November 12th 2020

Here's an exciting newsletter update! Filled with tips, updates and new projects!

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September 21st 2020

Welcome back to the new academic year! Here are our exciting updates!

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July 2nd 2020

Summer edition! This summer has been geared to sharing resources to develop your residency applications during this year's pandemic. 

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June 14th 2020

Here it is! Our very first newsletter! We are very excited to be able to share direct news and milestones every month to celebrate with you.

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April 9th 2020: 

As a prior Student Council President with her medical college, RCSI - Bahrain, Dr. Aloia’s efforts and initiative towards #PPE4HCP, along with the creation of the Foundation of International Medical Graduates, was celebrated and recognized amongst alumni internationally. 

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    March 29th 2020:

    Founder Dr. Aloia attends as a guest on XinatheWarriorPrincess’ Podcast channel on Anchor to discuss Healthcare Worker Challenges During COVID-19. Topics include the current PPE shortages as well as mental health and wellness challenges presented to our colleagues at the frontline today. 

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