En route in Greater Toronto Area, ON:

1720 Respirator Masks

200 Surgical Masks

3500 Nitrile Gloves (1750 pairs)

6000 Ear Savers


Hospitals/Facilities Served:

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre,  Ontario, Canada

800 Respirator Masks
700 Gloves (350 pairs)

    Michael Garron Hospital, Ontario, Canada

    600 Gloves (300 pairs)

      Scarborough Health Network (Birchmount Hospital, Centenary Hospital, General Hospital),  Ontario, Canada

      400 Respirator Masks
      400 Gloves (200 pairs)
      2000 Ear Savers 

         Sinai Health System, Ontario, Canada

        400 Respirator Masks
        400 Gloves (200 pairs)

          Unity Health (St. Joseph, St. Michaels and Providence Hospital), Ontario, Canada

          400 Gloves (200 pairs)
          2000 Ear Savers 

            West Park Health Care, Ontario, Canada

            100 Surgical Masks
            20 Respirator Masks
            200 Nitrile Gloves (100 pairs)
            2000 Ear Savers 

              Trillium Health Network (Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga Hospital, Queensway Health Centre), Ontario, Canada

              100 Surgical Masks
              100 Respirator Masks
              800 Nitrile Gloves (400 pairs)

                Total PPE items delivered: 3,670 items

                *Ear Savers are not considered items of PPE but items of comfort to potentially be used in addition to appropriate PPE
                *One pair of gloves (2 gloves) are considered as 1 item of PPE

                Thank you to all our current donors & sponsors!

                The foundation would like to honorably recognize the team at Brafasco for their amazing support in outreach, collection and sanitization of our physical PPE donations to deliver to our hospitals. 

                The foundation would like to honorably recognize the workforce of our fellow construction companies within the Greater Toronto Area, Canada for their varied donations to assist our Canadian hospitals during this pandemic: 

                Thank you to our honorable donor, Olde Thistletown Construction, for your generous donation and funding of a total of 1,750 PPE items. Your donation has supplied our health care workers at 10 of our listed Greater Toronto Area hospitals with 2,500 nitrile gloves (1,250 pairs) and 500 KN95 respirator masks. 


                Thank you to our honorable donors, Aloia Bros. Concrete Contractors, for your generous donation of 1,200 general respirators to serve our Greater Toronto Area hospitals. Your respirators are currently being reviewed regarding their status with respect to N95 fit testing by our hospitals. 


                 Of our collected donations from our community, a portion of funds have been used to supply material for our printed Ear Savers (4,000 items) as well as contribute to PPE distribution of surgical masks (200 items) and nitrile gloves (1,000 gloves, 500 pairs) to our local hospitals. Please note that Ear Savers have been accepted and requested by our local Greater Toronto Area hospitals as items of need while extending PPE use. Thank you for your continued support during this time.

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