Be an Intern

The Foundation of International Medical Graduates offers a 6 month internship opportunity for current students and/or recent graduates as our Partnerships & Fundraising Intern. This opportunity allows the individual(s) to be an integral part of our team to assist in planning as well as hosting various initiatives under the foundation. This role aims to develop an individual’s leadership skills, networking abilities and the ability to professionally represent such a foundation in various interactions with potential partners and sponsors. This role is open to any International Medical Graduate and is usually hosted between the months of April and September. 

This role is an administrative role, however, our team members are always welcome to participate in additional volunteering opportunities and rotations hosted by the foundation. 

Recognition of Past Interns


Ms. Nawal AlMohamed - Partnerships & Fundraising Intern

Current RCSI-Bahrain Candidate (expected convocation 2022) 
Ryerson University Alumna 2017
University of Toronto Alumna 2014
Country: Canada
Medical Interest: Undecided but includes Public Health, Pediatrics, Endocrine, Dermatology and Plastic Surgery

I am going to ensure the creation and maintenance of strong alliances at the national and international levels, and promote effective participation of multiple stakeholders (e.g., government, business, civil society organizations, and youth). Additionally, improving the business relations and the development of partnerships to leverage resources, as well as increasing the scale and long-term sustainability of the foundation; creating opportunities for youth employment, and building the capacity of the foundation to serve the healthcare system and individual’s health directly and indirectly.