Copy of Board and Team


Board Members


Dr. Adri-Anna Aloia

Founder & Director

RCSI-Bahrain Alumna 2019
University of Toronto Alumna 2013
Country: Canada
Medical Interest: Varied Surgical Specialties, Community Program Development and education


Dr. Mike Lem

Secretary of Affairs

University of Split School of Medicine-Medical Studies in English (#samoMEFST) Alumnus 2019
Country: USA
Medical Interest: General Surgery

I joined the Foundation of International Medical Graduates because my time at an international medical school was some of the best years of my life. I not only gained my medical knowledge, but I also made life-time friends from around the world. I want to ensure and share that with everyone!

Mr. Hasan Kazmi


Supporting Team Members

Ms. Sofia Aloia


George Brown College 2019
Mohawk College 2016
Country: Canada
Community Interests: Childhood Education, Sportsmanship, Anti-Bullying initiatives, Positive and Inclusive Environment building, Diversity

By being a part of the team I intend on bringing forward my artistic and well work driven background. I'm always accessible to one's needs. My personality is very understanding and calm. I have a caring and welcoming affect on our peers as well as bringing forward a supporting and energetic personality that is always willing and able to help out at times of need. Not only is this effort towards an amazing cause, it brings together many views and specialties as one.

Ms. Taneisha Woods

Public Relations

McMaster University 2016
Country: Canada
Community Interests: Diversity, Inclusivity, Health & Safety, Hospitality, Customer Service, Ethically Sourced, Gender Inequality, Grassroot Movements

With an academic background in Sociology and Communication studies, the ideology of humans (human interaction, support, and ingenuity) are among the few topics that enamour me on a day to day basis. The manner in which we think, care, and act defines our call to action. Most often, when faced with hard times it is human nature to think we can’t succeed or do better. The Foundation of IMG has shown me that a little goes a long way. When you take yourself out of the equation and think of the greater good, a difference is inevitable. There’s nothing like the look of genuine sincerity when a health care worker knows that you are present to provide PPE. The Foundation of IMG is founded on being there for the people. Sometimes it takes a miracle, however miracles can look a lot like people, effort, and time to care for one another. Whether it’s spreading good vibes, helpful tips, or things to know, The Foundation of IMG has the people covered. It’s time our health care providers felt that kind of coverage too.

Katherine Walters

Promotional Material & Mixed Media

RCSI Bahrain Alumna 2020
Country: Canada
Medical Interests: Family Medicine, Women's Health and Psychiatry

Being a part of the Foundation of I.M.G. is a chance to help propel IMGs further in their careers by providing a supportive community, along with tips and tricks for them to build themselves an incredible foundation. It is of incredible importance that we pay it forward, as well as share our knowledge and resources so that the generation after us can be more prepared than the generation before us.

Mr. Sawm Rad

Engineering & Innovation

York University 2014
Country: Canada
Engineering Interests: Design of end-use components, additive manufacturing, automation and robotics & lean manufacturing

Having joined the foundation amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, my objective is to help the foundation fulfill their goals and project those in the front lines. I hope to lean on my technical knowledge to help bring innovative solutions to the tasks at hand.

Ms. Mansi Baxi

Web Developer

Conestoga College 2017
Country: Canada
Engineering Interests: Mobile-first Development; Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

I am a Software Engineer by day and a freelance web developer by night. I freelance on the side because I am passionate about building community and helping small businesses and non for profit organizations create their online presence. I am honored to be able to leverage my technical skills to build this e-commerce platform which is helping raise donations for COVID19.

Mr. Jose Colon Jr.

Courier Services

Country: United States of America
Community Interests: Inclusivity, Community Development, Vulnerable Groups (including homeless and marginalized groups), Elderly care

I joined the foundation to connect with the community and other professionals which contribute to the function of our cities overall. By being a part of the foundation, I feel like we are making a difference, increasing awareness and doing good for our people, regardless if you are a medical student or not. I believe that this time is the right time to help, more than ever. Being able to be a part of an initiative who is helping right now is a great opportunity to contribute as a team to create an even bigger impact of support.

Ms. Nawal AlMohamed

Partnerships & Fundraising Intern

Current RCSI-Bahrain Candidate (expected convocation 2022) 
Ryerson University Alumna 2017
University of Toronto Alumna 2014
Country: Canada
Medical Interest: Undecided but includes Public Health, Pediatrics, Endocrine, Dermatology and Plastic Surgery

I am going to ensure the creation and maintenance of strong alliances at the national and international levels, and promote effective participation of multiple stakeholders (e.g., government, business, civil society organizations, and youth). Additionally, improving the business relations and the development of partnerships to leverage resources, as well as increasing the scale and long-term sustainability of the foundation; creating opportunities for youth employment, and building the capacity of the foundation to serve the healthcare system and individual’s health directly and indirectly.