Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Healthcare Professionals (HCP)

As our nations are experiencing a shortage and future fear of shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the Foundation would like to initiate donation allocation towards the purchase and manufacturing of the following items:

  • N95 masks
  • Standard masks
  • Standard masks with guard shield
  • Surgical gloves
  • Latex gloves
  • Non-latex gloves
  • Elastomeric Respirators
  • Battery-powered Air Purifying Respirators

Please consider donating towards our Health Care Professionals (HCP) protection

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Have any of these items at home? Bought too many in panic? Are you a part of a clinic (medical or surgical) that has recently closed doors due to COVID-19?

Please email us directly at info@foundationofimg.org

We advise members within our community who are not in direct care of patients to consider the use of alternative/cloth masks as they are sufficient. Thank you for keeping our communities safe! 

Initiative Launch Date: March 22nd 2020


Donation Milestone Goal: 30,388 beds

To better organize our goals for the first wave of donations, the foundation has selected the most affected areas currently in North America (Canada and United States). For the time being, our organization has chosen to exclude hospitals serving less than 200 beds within their facilities and services that are designated for psychiatric care. This considered, we have made a goal to provide at least 1 PPE item per hospital bed.

We have set a goal of $93,500 CAD to purchase 30,388 N95 masks.

All monetary donations will be used to purchase appropriate NIOSH, CE and FDA approved PPE supplies to be shipped directly to our intended hospitals. Every donation can make a difference and protect our health care professionals who are directly involved in the care of our communities and loved ones.

As border control and restrictions may compromise our logistics at this present time, our foundation is committed to to continue working towards our intended goals and respond accordingly.  

Thank you to all our current donors & sponsors!

The foundation would like to honorably recognize the team at Brafasco for their amazing support in outreach, collection and sanitization of our physical PPE donations to deliver to our hospitals. 

The foundation would like to honorably recognize the workforce of our fellow construction companies within the Greater Toronto Area, Canada for their varied donations to assist our Canadian hospitals during this pandemic: 

Thank you to our honorable donor, Olde Thistletown Construction, for your generous donation and funding of a total of 1,750 PPE items. Your donation has supplied our health care workers at 10 of our listed Greater Toronto Area hospitals with 2,500 nitrile gloves (1,250 pairs) and 500 KN95 respirator masks. 


Thank you to our honorable donors, Aloia Bros. Concrete Contractors, for your generous donation of 1,200 general respirators to serve our Greater Toronto Area hospitals. Your respirators are currently being reviewed regarding their status with respect to N95 fit testing by our hospitals. 


The foundation would like to honorably recognize the generous donations of 3D Brooklyn for their assistance in attending to our New York City hospitals during this pandemic. Your donation of 1,600 face shields will protect our colleagues at 12 of the listed hospitals. 


The foundation would like to honorably recognize our anonymous donor who has made a generous direct donation to Montefiore Health System, Bronx, New York, on our Founder’s behalf. Your donation of 726 masks have been accepted and wholeheartedly appreciated by our team and the frontline team of Montefiore. Thank you. 

Of our collected donations from our community, a portion of funds have been used to supply material for our printed Ear Savers (4,000 items) as well as contribute to PPE distribution of surgical masks (200 items) and nitrile gloves (1,000 gloves, 500 pairs) to our local hospitals. Please note that Ear Savers have been accepted and requested by our local Greater Toronto Area hospitals as items of need while extending PPE use. Thank you for your continued support during this time.

Tracking Update (05/06/2020):

En route in Greater Toronto Area, ON:

1720 Respirator Masks

200 Surgical Masks

3500 Nitrile Gloves (1750 pairs)

4000 Ear Savers


En route in New York City, NY:

1,600 Face Shields

726 Masks





Hospitals/Facilities Served:

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre,  Ontario, Canada

  • 800 Respirator Masks
  • 700 Gloves (350 pairs)

Michael Garron Hospital, Ontario, Canada

  • 600 Gloves (300 pairs)

Scarborough Health Network (Birchmount Hospital, Centenary Hospital, General Hospital),  Ontario, Canada

  • 400 Respirator Masks
  • 400 Gloves (200 pairs)
  • 1000 Ear Savers 

 Sinai Health System, Ontario, Canada

  • 400 Respirator Masks
  • 400 Gloves (200 pairs)

Unity Health (St. Joseph, St. Michaels and Providence Hospital), Ontario, Canada

  • 400 Gloves (200 pairs)
  • 2000 Ear Savers 

West Park Health Care, Ontario, Canada

  • 100 Surgical Masks
  • 20 Respirator Masks
  • 200 Nitrile Gloves (100 pairs)
  • 1000 Ear Savers 

Trillium Health Network (Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga Hospital, Queensway Health Centre), Ontario, Canada

  • 100 Surgical Masks
  • 100 Respirator Masks
  • 800 Nitrile Gloves (400 pairs)

Hospitals/Facilities Served:

New York Presbyterian Queens, Queens

  • 300 Face Shields

Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, Bronx 

  • 100 Face Shields

Flushings Hospital Medical Center & Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, Queens

  • 100 Face Shields

Interfaith Medical Center, Brooklyn

  • 100 Face Shields

KingsBrook Jewish Medical Center, Brooklyn

  • 100 Face Shields

James J Peters VA Hospital, Bronx 

  • 100 Face Shields

Brookdale Hospital, Brooklyn 

  • 100 Face Shields

Wycoff Heights Medical Center, Brooklyn 

  • 100 Face Shields

Mount Sinai Beth Israel, Manhattan

  • 300 Face Shields

Montefiore Health System (Montefiore Medical Center-Wakefield Campus, Montefiore Medical Center-Jack D. Weiler Hospital of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center- Henry & Lucy Moses Division), Bronx, NY

  • 726 Masks
  • 300 Face Shields

Total PPE in delivery: 5,996 items

*Ear Savers are not considered items of PPE but items of comfort to potentially be used in addition to appropriate PPE
*One pair of gloves (2 gloves) are considered as 1 item of PPE

Thank you to Stitch Canada Ink, for supplying informative swag for members of our community to not only use but also encourage their personal donations to the cause #PPE4HCP, bringing us closer to our goals along the way.

Thank you to our suppliers, iProtector Canada Ltd., for working alongside our efforts towards #PPE4HCP with flexibility and communication along the way. 


In attending to our colleagues in the state of Connecticut, the Foundation of International Medical Graduates has partnered with Hack the Pandemic to serve the various hospitals in providing appropriate PPE for their needs during this time. We look forward to saving lives together. Contact us at ct@hackthepandemic.org


In response to supporting the State of Connecticut better, the foundation and Hack the Pandemic team would like to honorably recognize Paramount Stone Co. for their support in collection and storage of PPE items for distribution to the various hospitals.

It is with great pride that the foundation thanks all of our current volunteers for their time and contribution to their roles as Awareness Outreach Educators and International Relations & Outreach volunteers. We would like to applaud the very noble and appreciated consistent effort observed during this time.


PPE Logistics Planning

Our foundation believes strongly in collaboration being the key to effective resolution. We are working alongside our peers who are also working hard in our communities to provide PPE to our hospitals internationally.

    We invite fellow organizations with the same mission and intention to contact us at info@foundationofimg.org for requested inclusion for future updates and collaborations.

    We are offering our services for collaborative efforts to assist in logistics planning for various cities or towns as a new case whereby we may assist with any of the following:

    • Supply and shipping liaison of your potential PPE 
    • Stratification of various hospital capacities within the city/town in question
    • Details of donation acceptance/omission and transaction
    • For certain cities, we may be able to help with on-foot volunteers, however we are definitely able to assist with your local volunteer/community organization


    Reusable PPE Innovations Available

    Ear Savers - Printed by Sawm Rad

    Open Source file Created & Developed by the 3D Printing Community

    Due to the current PPE shortage, 3D printed adjustable bands are a great tool to relieve the stress of the rubber banding of masks as our healthcare workers are wearing their masks longer and further between shifts. The Foundation of International Medical Graduates have made these available for donation to hospitals as reusable tools! Contact us at info@foundationofimg.org if your hospital would like to be considered. 

    Ear Savers Information Sheet